By Jessica Litman :: The Organized Mama

Moving can be incredibly stressful, but packing doesn’t have to be! Packing is the perfect time to declutter your things and take inventory of what you have already in your home. As a professional organizer at The Organized Mama, I have done my fair share of packing up clients for a move. Which is why I created these amazing tips for moving plus a moving checklist that is a perfect way to get inventory of what you have while you pack.

The Best Tips For A Move With Moving Checklist

  1. Sort and Edit While Packing

This is my most useful piece of packing advice… edit your items before you move them into the new house. It makes a huge difference once you start unpacking. So before an item goes into the box to move, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do I love this or find it useful?
  • Would I buy this item right now if I saw it on the shelf at the store?
  • Do I actually use it?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then you should donate, sell, or trash that item. Try to sell an item before you move. If it doesn’t sell, then donate. Not sure where to donate? Here’s my list of the best places to donate nationwide and locally!

  1. Use It Up Before You Move

When moving into a new house, you should try to start with everything fresh. So that means those half used ketchup bottles in your fridge should be used up before you make the move. If you don’t finish the entire bottle, like you have a small amount left, then wash the bottle and recycle.

The goal is to have all your half used items finished so they don’t have to be carried over!

  1. Label Every Box

Now I am talking specifics of what is in each box. It will make unpacking each box so easy because you know exactly what is in each box!

Not sure what to call items you don’t want the movers to know exactly what’s inside? Come up with a code name, such as “gadgets” for your Xbox or computer.

As you are packing, use this checklist to take inventory of everything you have in each box. Then attach this checklist to your box. Now you know what is in every box!

  1. Separate Boxes For Each Room

Try to only put items from one specific room in one box (or multiple boxes). Not only does it make unpacking easier, it also helps with organizing your new space!

  1. Ziplock Bags Are Your Best Friend

Finally, I love using Ziplock bags when packing up office spaces, kitchens, and other rooms with small-ish items. I will put only one type of item (such as pencils) in the Ziplock bag. Then I label the bag. I put that bag into the office box. Now the pencils, pens, etc. won’t be rolling all over the boxes, but, rather contained and easy to unpack!

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